Our services are tailored to your needs

We are able to provide a full viewing, consultation, installation and maintenance service.
A purchase of a video painting installation involves three elements.

1. The Artwork

We offer a wide range of video painting work. From single, unique video paintings, to limited edition group collections containing several hours of material. For more information about purchasing our Video Painting Series please click here


Artwork can be purchased or leased. This enables to swap between different artists’ works and continually update the installation.

Leasing is charged from £500 per month for a minimum initial period of 24 months.

2. The Laluna Technology

Laluna is the name given to the technology originally developed by the Open Gallery which plays the video paintings in non-linear, intelligent sequences, according to criteria determined by the artists. This is achieved by storing the material at perfect quality on a computer that functions as a digital gallery, and uses a sophisticated and unique software platform to revolutionise the presentation of moving image artwork to the viewer.



3. The Display

You are able to choose between displaying work in wall mounted digital frames, or as a larger scale projected video installation.

We offer a range of hand-made frames which incorporate a display screen and a compact Laluna. They need only be hung on the wall and connected to a power supply. The Laluna stores the artwork and plays it out as explained above. The frames are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

We are also able to install artwork as large scale projected art installations. We can visit your location and discuss with you how we can best achieve the outcome you desire. This will involve deciding on the type of projection and the shape and appearance of the final image so that it fits well with the architecture and design of your space. We have completed projections for clients that range from one square meter to hundreds, both inside and outside.

We are able to carry out all aspects of the installation, including all technical and construction elements. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can work in conjunction with your own suppliers and contractors.


This is the most variable part of the cost. Installations we have completed in the past range from £500 for a simple framed monitor to £40k for a multiple projector, edge blended, and wrap around image.




Technical Support

However you choose to display your video work, we offer ongoing technical support and maintenance services.


We offer a full maintenance service which is calculated as a 12.5% of the cost of hardware. Maintenance can involve predictive bulb replacement, filter cleaning, regular check-ups, software updates, and we offer a swap out service if your computer requires any maintenance work or new works added onto it.