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Open Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and collection, pioneering in establishing the medium of video painting
For the last decade the gallery has promoted the video painting project, commissioning artists, supporting and encouraging a critical discourse and showcasing their unique collection across the globe.

The Philosophy of Video Painting
Open Gallery began as a collective; as a group of core artist members who wanted to challenge their practice as artist-filmmakers and the way that video artworks were commonly experienced. 
At the heart of their work is a philosophy based on the principles explored by Open Gallery’s founder Hilary Lawson in his book ‘Closure,’ published in 2001. ‘Closure’ presented the idea that the world is open and we close that openness with thought and language. United by the ambition to retain as much openness in their work as possible, Sanchita Islam, William Raban, Isabelle Inghilleri, Nina Danino and Tina Keane came together to define the principles that would become integral to the medium.

The frame remains fixed, undergoing no subsequent editing or manipulation and is without sound or dialogue, so as not to enforce meaning.

The artists sought to reject narrative strictures, forming their video paintings into series of work. Collaborating with computer scientist William Sowerbutts, the medium was developed further using his bespoke computer system - 'The Laluna'. This unique technology allowed the works to play non-sequentially, evolving through time and in response to their environement - breaking away from the repetitive loop associated with traditional forms of video art.

Open Gallery's video paintings have been celebrated with major exhibitions and debates, hosted by the ICA, The Hayward Gallery and The Jeu de Paume. The prestigious Open Prize for Video Painting champions emerging video painting artists and winners have received international acclaim.