The Video Painting Series

The concept of video painting, as devised by the initial collective, considers the medium to be collaborative by nature and this is an essential method for further avoiding narrative within the works. As a result, video painting has been conceived as a series of non-sequential single videos realized by different artists and joined together into a collective video piece. Each artist shaped the perimeters of the medium and has influenced the processes by which the work plays out.

This new format has revolutionised not only the potential and possibilities of contemporary moving image artwork, but has also challenged the very idea of artistic production. By avoiding authorship, this constitutive expedient further contribute to the non-narrative nature of the medium, which is one of the essential characteristic forming the basis of video painting.


In 2003, the Open Gallery team developed a piece of technology that enabled video paintings to be combined into series freed from the necessity to loop - however long they play -, overcoming the issue of repetition, which has previously constrained the potential of video installation. Within the series, the single video paintings play in intelligent sequences, according to criteria determined by the artist.


In order to explore specific themes and different stylistic canons, some artists have been submitting video works conceived as Solo Series. Video painting solo series are presented as a single body of work by a single artist. The single footages within the solo series are presented following the non-sequential and non-looping format, which is characteristic of video painting.


The Open Gallery Collection is therefore divided into two different types of series, according to how the work has been conceived by the artists:



Group Artist Series

These video paintings were developed to interact with each other over an extended period of time and the resulting body of work should be considered as authored by multiple artists. The lenght of each series span from two up to eight hours.

These group series are ordinarily conceived as edition of 7.




Solo Artist Series

Artists have explored a specific theme or concept through the medium of video painting. Pursuing the fundamental concept of video painting as being non-narrative and non-sequential, the pieces form a cohesive body of work, realised by a single artist.

These solo series are conceived as limited editions varying between 1 and 7.





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