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Hilary Lawson, Bodega Bay II, 2003


This year we are supporting the London Arts in Health Forum by participating in Creativity and Wellbeing Week.  Open Gallery will be celebrating the invaluable role of art in healthcare to spread awareness and widen engagement with the project. We have devised a specially curated series of works which anyone can access from 3rd June via our website using the login details provided:


Login: wellbeing@opengallery.co.uk
Password: Video-Painting15


We hope that patients, professionals and the general public alike will join in. The exhibition aims to provide novel pockets of interest; painting as many video-screens and electronic devices as possible within the week - transforming the role of ubiquitous electronic displays. A key concept is that this can be viewed by individuals on an ad hoc basis, aiming to reach a diverse audience. Whether accessing the work from an iPad in a hospital bed, a mobile phone on the morning commute or a computer monitor at work, users are able to discover a different video painting each day and at any time.


Follow the event on Facebook and Twitter and we look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing how and where you will be participating

If you would like to partake, here’s some ideas of how you might like to get involved:
- Turn the waiting room and hospital ward screens into an artwork
- If you’re in hospital, spread the word on your ward
- Host screenings for you and your colleagues
- Tune in on your devices in your lunch break
- Project video paintings between presentations
- Disrupt the clinical atmosphere!

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