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7 – 11 September, from 7pm
68 Middle Street

, BN1 1AL
Admission: Free

Join us from dusk onwards in this celebration of digital culture. Open Gallery will be exhibiting a unique series of video paintings onto the exterior of 68 Middle Street. The curated works explore the concept of concealing and revealing, which is reinforced through the act of projecting onto the building’s surface.

Since 2001 Open Gallery has pioneered the medium of video painting, which is shot with a stationary camera, a fixed lens and presented without any sound or subsequent editing. The work is designed to acquire meaning as relationships gradually form within the series and upon the architecture the work overlays.

This body of work features artists Gabrielle Le Bayon, Alex Bettler, Tania Dolvers, Alexandra Hughes, Isabelle Inghilleri, Sanchita Islam, Hilary Lawson, Roz Mortimer, Mark Nelson and William Raban.

Find out about the other organisations we're collaborating with here:

* 68 Middle Street is an events space designed to be the home for digital events, local businesses and community groups.
* Brighton Digital Festival is a celebration of digital culture that takes place across Brighton and Hove every September.

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