The Hospital Club


"We all hugely appreciate the way in which our video installation brings the outdoors to a standard office environment. Staff and visitors alike feel it adds not only a piece of great interest but a timeless, fascinating calmness.”  
Morten Spenner, CEO, International Asset Management




The Brief

The Hospital Club asked us to create a multiple screen exhibition of video art in their main members’ lounge. The second floor lounge plays host to business and social meetings during the day, and functions as a livelier bar space in the evenings. The club’s curator wanted a striking exhibition which was also sympathetic to the various uses of the space.





The Solution

We installed work by seven artists across three large scale projections and five small LCD monitors. Video painting is inherently a tranquil medium, and the careful selection of artwork ensured that the overall effect was a stunning sense of immersion blended with calm restraint which did not overpower the other functions of the space.





Technical Specification

The projected images were created using white vinyl applied over the green painted walls to give a precisely cropped edge to the images. All projectors were ceiling mounted and hidden amongst the existing service ducts. The screens were wall mounted with concealed cabling. A central timer switch was used to automatically turn the displays on at 7am each morning, and off at 2am each night.